Configure Your Tablet

Configuration is easier while the Tablet is out of the car and housing. Follow your instruction manual to configure the tablet the way you want it. You can always make tweaks after it is installed.

Relocate HVAC Controls if Necessary

If your vehicle has a double-din sized opening or stereo currently, either aftermarket or from the factory, you should not need to relocate your HVAC controls. If you have a single-din stereo currently installed, your HVAC controls are likely to be located higher than this, and will prevent installation. There are several kits to relocate HVAC controls and DIY instructions available online. We recommend contacting a professional.

Prepare Tablet and Remove Vehicle Trim

Remove Existing Stereo

Once the AC vents are removed, many stereos simply slide out and can be disconnected from the wiring harness. Some stereos come with anti-theft devices keeping them locked in place. If this is the case, you may need to power the car to access the pins that unlock the anti-theft device. In some cases you may need special tools; research your particular stereo model to learn more.

Connect to the Vehicle Harness


Before connecting your tablet, apply accessory power and see that the green light on the amplifier is illuminated. This will help ensure that the wiring is connected properly. Prior to completing the steps in the Finish video below, test your front-facing power button on the Element housing to make sure it is working properly.

Install Amp/GLI

Glovebox Connections


A Note on Setting the Volume on the In-Dash Amp

The amp that comes with your Element will have a volume knob on it. You may be tempted to turn it all the way up, but doing so leaves you with less precision on the tablet volume controls and will amplify any noise that makes it past the GLI. Set up the amp such that you use nearly the full range of the tablet volume control. Roughly half or just under half volume on the in-dash amplifier is a good level. You should adjust it to taste.