This May Not Be For You

Eyes on the Road

As the founder of Ironlight LLC and the creator of this product, I have one driving goal – to create a product that elevates the in-car user experience in a way that only an integrated dashtop tablet can. However, this system may not be for everyone.

Take note of your driving style and the way you use and would like to use your car. You can configure and use your Element dashtop system to expand your hands-free interaction and bring technology seamlessly into your driving experience, thereby enhancing your concentration on the road, and improving safety and efficiency. You could also configure and use it to distract and clutter your driving experience and endanger yourself and the people around you. If you think you’ll be tempted to read emails on your tablet instead of keeping your eyes on the road, this product is not for you.

We have all realized by now that technology can add to or subtract from our experiences; this product is no different. When combined with common sense and self-control, the Ironlight Element is phenomenal.



Extreme hot and cold are tough on a tablet battery. If you install this system, be prepared to take a few practical steps during a hot summer. Use a sunshade, crack your sunroof, and have tinted windows, these steps are good for your vehicle’s interior as well. The Nexus 7 is designed to shut itself down when the operating temperature becomes too high for the battery. If you anticipate extreme temperatures, you may wish to preemptively shut down the tablet as you leave the car.

Temperatures significantly below freezing pose a risk if condensation forms inside the tablet housing and later freezes. If you leave your car outside in temperatures well below freezing, you may again wish to preemptively shut down the tablet as you leave the car, and wait until your car begins to warm up before turning it back on. If you’ve ever gone skiing with your cell phone, you know that this is not as significant as it sounds.

These tips will help you keep your tablet and tablet battery running well.


A Note on Steering Wheel Volume, and AM/FM Radio

The installation instructions here bypass your steering wheel volume controls.  Volume control is very easy with a widget on your tablet touch screen, so we don’t think you’ll miss those steering wheel controls.  However, there is actually one installation option that enables the steering wheel controls; contact us for details.

Your over-the-air AM/FM radio is also bypassed by the Ironlight Element — but you can listen in to most radio stations online.  This means that if you lose your Internet connection for an extended period, you’ll lose the radio streams as well; however, if you are driving somewhere without an Internet connection for an extended period of time, we think you probably are far away from decent AM/FM radio anyway.