User Experience

When combined with a Generation 2 Google Nexus 7, the Ironlight Element provides an amazing in-car experience for your E46. Your Element comes with a set of configuration instructions to help you configure your Nexus 7 to behave like the one shown in the videos below:

Video Gallery




Phone Calls


Anti-Glare and Polarization

Your Ironlight Element will come with a screen protector that allows you to see the screen through polarized sunglasses and eliminates glare better than most factory stereos. The trick to applying a screen protector well is to have as clean and lint-free a screen as possible. Right out of the box is preferable. Do it right once and forget about it.


Other Potential Configurations

  • Garage door opening and house unlocking from tablet homescreen
  • Realtime vehicle telemetry over Bluetooth with Torque Pro
  • Nexus 7 accelerometer display
  • Laptop connection via the optionally installed Element glove-box wires
  • Find where you parked from your phone